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The mission of the Kansas City South Foundation is to serve as the champion for the growth of South Kansas City through education, business development and community revitalization.

The vision of the Kansas City South Foundation is to be the engine for education and economic growth in South Kansas City.

Since 1931 the South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce (SKCCC) has served as a coordinator, collaborator, and facilitator among the South Kansas City community stakeholders. These stakeholders include big and small businesses, not-for-profit institutions including colleges, schools, hospitals, social service agencies and neighborhood associations. The Chamber celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2006.

As the Chamber continued to administer programs, and as its influence and leadership grew, its service and benefits were directed to a growing number of organizations and individual residents of the South Kansas City Community. These services and benefits focused on the community at large rather than just the members of the Chamber and took on a more charitable nature.

The The Kansas City South Foundation (KCSF), a 501 c 3 organization, was formed in 2004 by the South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce in order to implement the charitable works of the Chamber in the South Kansas City Community:

The two separate organizations share an interlocking Board of Directors. The Foundation does not have employees but contracts with the Chamber for services, office space and use of equipment.   

406 E. Bannister Road, Suite F
Kansas City, MO 64131-3028

Phone: (816) 761-7660
Fax: (816) 761-7340





VISION:  South Kansas City will be recognized as a premier location for businesses to prosper in the metropolitan area.

MISSION:  The Chamber is dedicated to promoting and environment for business prosperity and community pride in South Kansas City.

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